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It's been a while


Years are fading without releasing any new records. Sad but true. Unfortunately there are some other things in life. We still have some stuff in our shop. CDs and LPs are looking for a new home. Go and grab some... To make it easier CDs and 7"es are all EUR 3,00 and LPs are EUR 5,00. Thank you for looking!


Best Wishes ..


Hi all,
another year is passing and we'd like to wish you nice holidays, whatever you prefer in spaghetti monster's sake and a happy new year. As we do not have plans for upcoming releases currently, yet, we try to keep things up and running. The CD is dead, but long live good music. Let's see what happens after december 21 ;)
Take care,
Your Millipede Records Team 2012


Kenzari's Middle Kata's new album coming soon


Kenzari's Middle Kata have recorded their new album "Body vs. Function" at Blunoise Studios and they will present it soon on Blunoise Records. We expect it to be in stores around November / December 2010.


Trace are now Are You Great


'Trace' have moved to a kind of 'bombastic pop' - sound without losing the property of being a live band and so they decided to rename themselves into 'Are You Great'.
We'd really like to see them on stage.
Jump to myspace and listen:


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