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Millipede Records picture

Millipede Records - "Compilation Attack" (CD)

4 x CD compilations package
Get 4 great Compilations for a easteregg nice price!
This package includes:
V/A - Love Still Has Its Meaning CD
V/A - There's A Light That Never Goes Out MCD
V/A - A Tribute To Dischord Records CD
V/A - The Dead Pilots Compilation CD


€ 10.00
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Millipede Records picture

Millipede Records - "millipede records shirt" (T-Shirt)

color: black, available sizes: S, M
Spring Sale '07 Special Easteregg No.2!
a black, classic style t-shirt with a golden millipede records printing on the front.
( do not forget to tell us which size [use the comment field in the order form] )


€ 5.00
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