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Trace - Magnolia





Debut album of this german Indierock band on Millipede Records. It's very rare that you do not hear at the first tune that this band is from germany. Trace will leave you breathless because of their brilliant songwriting and melodies. And the singer is definitely one of the best we've heard so far. Released together with Plane Records.

Detailed Releaseinfos

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+release infosheet in english
+release infosheet in german


  • 01. Scenario
  • 02. ...And So It Will Be
  • 03. Salinas
  • 04. Beggars Can't Be Choosers
  • 05. Twilight
  • 06. My Fair Lanes
  • 07. Outburst
  • 08. Debris Of A New Beginning
  • 09. If Tomorrow Ends...
  • 10. Not Scared
  • 11. Magnolia



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