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The Die Is Cast - Journey





Five boys from Recklinghausen (germany) are ready to get off the starting blocks! Each of them is a musical workaholic and rich in experience, treasured on tour and in the studio with various bands e.g. On When Ready. The Die Is Cast are moving musically between alternative rock and post hardcore with a liability to catchy melodies.
The debut album Journey really kicks ass was released on september 11th 2006 in co-production with our friends from +Plane Records!


  • 01. Broken Glass
  • 02. Am I
  • 03. What Matters
  • 04. The Circle
  • 05. On The Inside
  • 06. The Journey
  • 07. Last Time
  • 08. Orange
  • 09. The Good News
  • 10. Servers Your Right
  • 11. Try
  • 12. Moment Gone
  • 13. My Call
  • 14. Into The Sun



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