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Squarewell - Two Toy Model





Squarewell are a hot new hardcore band from louisville, usa. they will blow you off right from the first sound. passionate vocals mixed with a superb rhythm section, brilliant guitar works and great songwriting skills. The influences of punk, alternative and classic rock are heard throughout the album, but Squarewell manages to bring the band to a higher level a steady up and down of desperation, anger and pure harmony. recorded with the producer john naclerio (matchbox romance).

For friends of: elliott, thursday and boy sets fire.


  • 01. A Recommended Memoir
  • 02. Elementary
  • 03. Chapter Of Fiction
  • 04. Inanimate
  • 05. Realizing What You Meant After All This Time
  • 06. One Collective Body
  • 07. Lift Yourself
  • 08. Animism
  • 09. Undercover
  • 10. Hopefuls
  • 11. A Heart Still Honored



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