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Nationale Blue / The European Translation Of - s/t Split





What a release. Both bands with their best songs up to date. The Nationale Blue play really refreshing postpunk/indie. DC-rhythms and great melodies mixed with brilliant instrumental parts. The European Translation Of play modern and arty post whatever and indie music, euphoric melodies, insane breaks and a voice right between love and desperation.

For friends of:
El Guapo, Black Eyes, The Oliver Twist, Pink Floyd


  • Nationale Blue
  • 01. Silver Hornet
  • 02. An Arrow Shot Into The Ocean
  • 03. Traces Lost
  • 04. Dents
  • 05. Introduzione
  • 06. Foresta Di Immaginazione
  • The European Translation Of
  • 01. Shake The Kids
  • 02. Country
  • 03. France Vs. Lithuania
  • 04. To Hell With Your Opinion
  • 05. Let The Architects Decide
  • 06. Sentenced To Understand



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