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Kenzari's Middle Kata - When Error Is The Idea






And so pushing punk stuff, hysterically screamed hardcore bundles, emotional-melodical teardrops and hectic noise parts are all shaking hands - but always well deliberated and altogether without coming across as dissonant. Expressive vocals, nice and sick guitar works and a complex rhythm section are getting the whole thing individual and bursting of energy. Lyrics are performed twosome, often by turns and in english language relating for the most part abstractly to the melodramatic way of existing from a sociocritical standpoint.


  • 01. Gaining In Zen
  • 02. Selfish Target Revolt
  • 03. Miss Kyoto In The Sushi Lobby
  • 04. Dache
  • 05. Zenith Cuts The Tendon
  • 06. Operation Encore
  • 07. Unipoint Context
  • 08. Methodism



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