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Genetiks - Bitte Zurücktreten





Held together by singer Maik and keyboarder Anselm through turbulent years with changing line-ups, they have now delivered a modern classic in the form of their new CD "Bitte Zuruecktreten" (please stand back). Precision drumming, driving bass, sepulchral keyboard sounds and walls of noise from the guitar! DAF have appeared from the early 80s for a visit. Washington DC's GIRLS AGAINST BOYS and FUGAZI have left their calling cards. And wasn't there a band called EA80 who created a similarly oppressive atmosphere? This particular combination of contradictions has rarely been seen in Germany, perhaps in TREND or the GOLDENEN ZITRONEN. "bitte zuruecktreten" (please stand back) was recorded at the Lonestar Studios (home of THE ROBOCOP KRAUSS, AMEN 81, HIDALGO).
And is just a hint of the inferno that this band will unleash live.


  • 01. Astronaut
  • 02. Zwei Schritte
  • 03. Sie Darf Das Alles
  • 04. Natürlich
  • 05. Sonderschuhe
  • 06. Du Kommst In Der Nacht
  • 07. Bello
  • 08. Jung Jung
  • 09. News
  • 10. Die Stadt, Anselm, Der Müll Und Der Tod
  • 11. Deine Mission



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