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The European Translation Of - Lights We Stole To Let The Stars Sparkle





Pop meets screamo, euphory meets intelligence. 11 wonderful emotional songs mixed with some really fine electronics parts. Powerful rhythms, great guitars and backing vocals by evi from the flamingo massacres.
For friends of: Oliver Twist, The Robocop Krauss, Trail Of Dead, Sonic Youth


  • 01. All Flights Cancelled
  • 02. Lean Your Head On Hope And Vaporize
  • 03. Substitude For The Thrill In Our Lives
  • 04. Congratulations, An Aquittal
  • 05. Verve And The Ruins Of Dilligence
  • 06. How To Close This Book
  • 07. 1000 Chords
  • 08. Petty Bourgeoise
  • 09. A Healthy Nature Spot
  • 10. When I Go By
  • 11. The Public Prosecutor's Final Speech



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