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V/A - A Tribute To Dischord Records





Dischord Records - without a doubt one of the most important underground labels of all times. What began as fun, became a hallmark and inspiration to many of today's current bands. Dischord Records is a role model to new Indie labels starting up. One of the most inspiring aspects of Dischord is the fact that it is run by musicians, and there are also many things put in place in order to keep all aspects of the label fair to the fans and to the bands. It was started out of a house Ian and Jeff were living in called the 'Dischord House'.
Founded by teenagers in 1980 to document the music coming out of the D.C. punk community, and despite steering clear of the music industry and conventional business practices and theories, it has managed to continue it's work for over two decades. The label has over 140 releases of it's own and has assisted dozens of other D.C. labels and bands get their music out.
Dischord has been a driving force in the world of independent music since the beginning and they are still building the DC scene today. They found a formula. They've stood the test of time. They left a worldwide impression and were inspirational to bands and labels in the strangest places. And this tribute CD proves it.
Millipede Records from germany and bands from all over the world started to work on a tribute to this incredible label. We won't give you a track-by-track breakdown of tribute album - we'd be here all day. It's not just cover songs - it's a homage to the songs that have changed peoples lives. Some versions closer to the original than others, but all of them unique, interesting, funny and/or challenging. What's on this CD is a group of talented, smart, witty, emotional, in-tune bands who deliver their interpretation of the DC hardcore/independent scene.
The songs they chose range from MINOR THREAT to JAWBOX and from DAG NASTY, FUGAZI and the NATION OF ULYSESS to Q AND NOT U. They are varied and attract just as many different independent music fans as they represent different styles and parts of the Dischord artist roster. And maybe they will also help getting one or the other younger fan to find out about some of the old bands that shaped todays underground scene.


  • 01. Phonetics - Little Sparkee
  • 02. The Robocop Kraus - Filler
  • 03. Kidsgofree - The View From This Tower
  • 04. Driving The Salt - I Hate The Kids
  • 05. Là Par Force - Better Half
  • 06. Bleed Into One - Who Are You
  • 07. Weeping Minds Of Silence - Twist And Shout
  • 08. Peace Of Mind - Turn The Tables
  • 09. The Nationale Blue - Double Edged Knife
  • 10. Terence Kill - This Side Up
  • 11. Unmono - Hooveresque
  • 12. Flying Donuts - We All Fall Down
  • 13. Genetiks - Pop Man
  • 14. Seven Feet Four - 4AM
  • 15. Anyway - N-Sub Ulysses
  • 16. Amen 81 - I Can't Forgive
  • 17. Idecide - Dreamless
  • 18. Sky Promises Rain - The Godfather
  • 19. Eve Massacre - Controversial Chick
  • 20. Squarewell - Promises
  • 21. Rydell - Heaven Here / Day Ditty
  • 22. The European Translation Of - Blueprint



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