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nihilists The Nihilists music is best described as situated between Hardcore and Post-Rock, and that at its best. Their style is somewhere in-between, over, under, on top and next to bands like Yage, At the Drive-In or Ten Grand. So much is clear, and only so much. Because these four guys aren't planning on making things easy, either for you, or for themselves.

On the one hand, their music is an unsolvable equation, with complex and highly-systematic song structures reminiscent of scientific laboratory work. On the other hand, their emotive and explosive spontaneity conjures up deep psychological eruptions, and clearly contrasts with the coolness of calculus. The sum of these opposites produces a style of its own; a musical landscape where anything can happen and nothing is repeated. Some songs have a fist-in-your-face rock-impact, others carry like clouds in a spherical sonic atmosphere, while others simply expose themselves as the sick and twisted beasts that they are. The only rule: no song under five minutes. Symphonies!!!

Since the forming of the band in 2003, the four childhood friends from Braunschweig have worked hard, honing their skills, defining their style and proving they are a force to be reckoned with in more than eighty high-powered live shows all over Germany and Austria, including two Club-Tours. Unconditional soul-stripping is the Nihilists forte; which means total dedication down to the last pearl of sweat.

Four fascinating personalities that work through the synergy of the detailed attention they pay to their instruments. Two vocalists exploding with a relentlessly unforgiving sonic-shower, layered thick into the brick wall of finely fingered guitar riffs. The foundation of their awesome energy laden shows is the brute force of drums partnered with a drifting but driving bass. Exceptionally inspiring!

More often than not, the Nihilists find their unconventional approach to creating music to be at odds with mainstream expectations. This perception was reinforced a few years back, when a live performance on MTV Germany caused great uproar and commotion, and served to reinforce the bands commitment to think outside of the box, and remain true to their own. No bloating of standard values, norms and morals, and just enough manners to please the industry. With lyrics plunging into the depths of the human abyss, they are the Nihilists!

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c/o Bjoern Hennings
Stralauer Allee 17 A
10245 Berlin

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