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Kenzari's Middle Kata

lpf Actually I don't like female singers, but...
Là Par Force from Regensburg/Germany would be rich if they only got one euro for each converted music-fan.

Christina Hoidn is a singer who is not ashamed of her talent. A friend of the band comments on her voice: ...this is how I have always wanted Heather Nova to sing. As far as their music goes, Là Par Force don't venture into unchartered waters. Yet it may still not be easy to spot the varied types of music that have influenced this band. Therefore it is quite hard to put a label on them. Stefan Grunwald's precise drum-play and Oise Ronsberger's striking bass-play may remind of FUGAZI. The unconventional guitar-melodies and the vocals seem to hover above the powerful rhythm-framework. All this results in energy-bursting Power Pop like that from the BUZZCOCKS; the ballads from IDA, reduced to their very core essentials, along with indie-rock in the tradition of the WALKABOUTS meet the driving, harmony-loving Post Punk from already forgotten heroes like SEAWEED.
The lyrics have a critical view on the present and deal with the details which people overlook between slogans and idle talk. The attention is directed to the influence of big policy on the individual, the stories behind the headlines and the tragedies which hide behind mere facades.

With their eleven-songs debut-album the band managed to make obvious progress. The new songs are much more compact and diverse than in the past, and with acute sensitivity the band integrated instruments like cello, steel-lap guitar or piano in their music.

Chad Istvan, guitarist of the american band BOYSETSFIRE, produced the album and enjoyed working with more melodic and quiet sounds and supported the band in playing all additional guitar-parts.
This goes for the booking of their shows, the release of their music on their own label Dancing In The Dark or for any other detail- since their emergence in 2001 the three members have created and controlled every single step on their own.

The designer of their covers is André Liegl, who already did great work for bands like ABMROSE, ENGRAVE or THE CABLE CAR THEORY.

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Là Par Force
c/o Oise Ronsberger
Brunnweg 6
93080 Pentling

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