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Kenzari's Middle Kata

kenzari Trying to classify KENZARI'S MIDDLE KATA somewhere in this big indie-chaos you may need to file them into post-punk or post-hardcore. The best examples of their influences are bands like AT THE DRIVE-IN, NORTH OF AMERICA, TEN GRAND, many bands on Dischord and Level-Plane, last but not least also REFUSED and many more.
And so pushing punk stuff, hysterically screamed hardcore bundles, emotional-melodical teardrops and hectic noise parts are all shaking hands while they alternate sometimes dynamic like a wave, sometimes suddenly like an explosion - and there's one point they all agree with: an explicit love for details. Expressive vocals, nice and sick guitar works and a complex rhythm section are getting the whole thing individually and bursting of energy with a maximum of passion and obsession. The lyrics are performed twosome, often by turns and in English language relating for the most part abstractly to the melodramatic way of existing from a sociocritical standpoint.
The band startet in spring 2003 with the following line-up that has not changed until today: Josef Weizenbeck (drums), Helli Killermann (bass), Hannes Wastl (guitar/vocals) and Roland Hanisch (guitar/vocals).

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Kenzari's Middle Kata
c/o Helli Killermann
Föhrenweg 2
84544 Aschau am Inn

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