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bollo Precise and agressive melancholy, thatr's the best term to describe the music of this instrumental band from Leipzig in less words.
The 3 band members have their roots in the punk and hardcore movement and once played in Defloration, DMB, Angry Lizards, The Art Of The Legendary Tishvaisings, Soundmaschine Süd, and together in Leipzig's scene stars Up In Arms.
Since 1996 they experiment together as Bollo and tried consequently to reduce their music to their instruments right from the beginning. They do this with sovereignity so they are said to have richness, complexity, surprising intensity and wide arrangements. Neverending agile and intelligent ambitious do not make you miss a singing voice but are enriching virtue.
Together they played shows and tours with bands like Fugazi, Karate, Loose and Monochrome and also composed, arranged and produced for movie scores and theatre plays. Their debut album "Bollo" was released in 2002 (vinyl and Cd) and they took their time, that has been necessary to record their latest CD "foot[river falls]head". The result makes them right. Frank Kasch, Leipzig, 2006

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c/o Thomas Schliephake
Helenenstrasse 6
04279 Leipzig

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